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Subliminal Persuasion

Using subliminal persuasion

How to use Subliminal Persuasion

Influence people without them knowing

Data that comes subliminally and is acted upon will look like luck or inspiration.
~Peter Redgrove

You can influence someone’s thoughts subconsciously by using a little bit of subliminal persuasion.

Subliminal persuasion is not about using your hypnotist’s stare or tricking people into doing your evil bidding. It’s a very real form of influence and probably the best tool in your arsenal for getting everything you’ve ever wanted. Perhaps the best guide to learning the art of subliminal persuasion comes from the master of influence himself, Kevin Hogan. He’s not just another salesman who gives you just enough to keep you encouraged (and encouraged to buy his next book), he really delivers with the information you are looking for.

Using subliminal persuasionMy guess is that you are seeking information on subconscious persuasion because you want to sneak in under someone’s radar whether it be the guy interviewing you for the job, that sexy love interest, or even your parole officer (seriously?). You absolutely can’t live with out the amazing information in Kevin’s Covert Hypnosis Program. It’s an advanced course in unconscious influence that teaches you how to be an unstoppable force without ever even needing to open your mouth.

There are things you can do right away to affect someone’s thoughts without even talking by subconsciously getting them to agree or disagree…


Influencing someone by your appearance

Make no mistake, the way you dress tells your target everything they need to know about you. What is your socioeconomic status? Are you part of their “clan” or does the way you dress indicate you are above or below them? This is better described in the Dress to Impress article so let’s dig deeper into how the way you dress leads to subliminal persuasion.

In theory, wearing different colors can subtly change the way others react to you. Here’s the run down: Red has been shown to be the color of leaders and inspires confidence in followers. Think of Red Ranger or Optimus Prime. Remember the “power ties” from the 80’s and 90’s? They were always red. Incorporating red into your wardrobe subconsciously tells the people you are the leader.

Orange is the color that has been shown to be most provocative and somehow is more likely to generate anger. Do you want to get people fired up about what you are telling them? A bright orange shirt or tie might just be the missing link to get people out of their seats and ready for your message.

Blue is a calming color and relaxing. It’s also shown to be quite powerful. Wear blue if you’re trying to calm someone down, empower them, and/or get information. Ever noticed why just about all gym mats are blue? This color has proven to increase strength and stamina and helps people work out harder and longer.

The opposite of blue is pink, more specifically mauve. Mauve is sort of like a dirty pink color that has shown to be a weakening color. Have you ever noticed that the wall colors in most government offices that deal with the public are all painted this same mauve color, prisons too. Not many people own any mauve clothing, but how about painting the sales area for major purchases this color? You will be subliminally persuading your customer to comply. Make sure the room you watch television is not painted mauve either. You might be making yourself too susceptible to it’s messages.


Using height to your advantage

Your height will subtly influence those around you. Taller people have been proven to have an edge over shorter competitors when going for job interviews. In nearly all of the presidential elections since television debates started, the taller candidate has won. Tall people have the subconscious advantage in all of our minds to be stronger, more imposing, and likely to be better leaders.

If you are a shoter male, no one has to tell you that it makes it difficult on the dating scene. Women generally want men who are bigger than them. This has everything to do with their caveman instincts to desire a man who can protect them. Throw high heels into the mix and now you have to be even taller…

To overcome this, you can alter your dress – pin stripes will make you seem taller for example. In just about every magazine that caters to men, there are ads for lifts you can put inside your shoes to make you look taller. Get rid of your sneakers! Trade them for cowboy boots or dress shoes with heels. Beyond that, there are all kind of growth support supplements that work with varying degrees of success. Every little millimeter helps when you are trying to influence people!


The politics of touch

When in conversation with colleagues or competitive alpha types, the last to touch is the dominant one. In other words, if you’ve just had a conversation and they pat you on the shoulder as they leave, you should then pat them on the back in return. Be careful it doesn’t just elevate into a slapping match.

Have you ever noticed during a hug, one person will pat the other on the back? This is not a sign of affection! This is the person who’s doing the patting trying to tell the other to release them. Some people have very short “touching threshholds.” You can subtly dominate someone by always hugging the longest without showing any signs of discomfort. Be careful here! You don’t want to be seen as the creepy-huggy guy that lingers just a little too long. You only goal is to show the other person that you are not afraid of stepping on boundaries so they better tow the line. Using hugging to dominate someone?!! A very powerful form of subliminal persuasion.

Subtle touching can also make someone like you, especially when used on someone of the opposite sex. Touch them immediately and often. Once again, don’t be a creep, but if you are the one who shakes everyone’s hand or uses touch as a form of encouragement, then that’s just who you are. As much as people don’t like to admit it, they love to be touched. As you subtly brush against them, they begin to feel comfortable with you in their personal space and you can begin to up the ante.

Touching the object of your affection also gives a subtle nod to your abilities as a lover. Someone who touches a lot, sends a deep emotional signal that they really understand their own sensuality. You can’t blatantly state that your good in bed (you can, but then you are a complete ass). But you can show that you know how to speak that other language that only true lovers understand. Get comfortable with touching everyone (both men and women) and you will find that you actually start to get it.


Using presuppositions and language

In one study, psychologists played video of a car crashing in front of some participants. Then they asked one of the following questions:

How fast was the car going when it smashed into the van?


How fast was the car going when it bumped into the van?

Interestingly, those who heard the first question, estimated the car’s speed as significantly faster than those asked the second. Another example could be asking someone, “Is that when you started to really hate them?” This presupposes that they hate the person you are talking about. This warms them up to the idea and as they get used to talking about “hating” this poor chap, they will begin to believe they do. If they oppose the suggestion, however, back off and change tack.

You can use this on your loved ones by asking questions like, “How long have you loved how well I play video games?” Or more realistically, “When did you decide that I was so incredible?” Perhaps they both seem silly, but the more you make these types of statements, sooner or later, that person will start to believe. This works especially well with children. Perhaps you can say, “I was so impressed that from very early on, you really loved doing homework.” They know and the world knows that’s a bald-faced lie, but with enough seeds planted, one or two of them are bound to take root.

It’s always best to speak colorfully using more active words. When everything you do is the best thing that ever happened to you, two things start to happen: people around you crave your enthusiasm and thereby, crave your company, AND your brain also starts to believe.

Subliminal persuasion works on you just as well as everyone else…


Guilt or grace by association

Don’t be the bearer of bad news as even if the recipient doesn’t shoot the messenger. They will unfortunately associate you with the bad feeling they got when they heard it. The same goes for talking about unpleasant or boring things if you want someone to like you. This is why you shouldn’t talk about past relationships or your miseries at work when you start to date someone because, fair or otherwise, they will associate you with work and boredom or misery.

Get it: Bored equals boring. If your situation (even if it’s completely out of your control) is bad, they will automatically assume your life is always like this. Not good.

What you do want to do is to associate yourself with is fun and good times. If you’re not a particularly fun or funny person (hey not everyone can be) then try taking them to a comedy, or playing a fun game on a date. Likewise, to get people to like you, try to talk about upbeat topics. Simply smiling can make other people happy and you’ll be remembered as likeable and happy-go-lucky.

To be liked, you should also associate yourself with likeable people. You can do this by including yourself in stories about interesting people. This is commonly known as name dropping. On a date, try dropping names of mutual friends: this will not only make you look popular but it will also make her associate you with people she already likes and that can only be a good thing. Don’t go to far with this! If you know important or famous people, it’s cool to tell a story that just happens to include them, but don’t mention it again. Most people loathe heavy-handed name droppers.

In the world of business, it’s important to associate yourself with the powerful and popular in your field and around the office. This includes:

  • Picking the correct side (being the winning side)
  • If you are the weakest side with no one and be the dark horse
  • If you are the strongest side with either the weakest or second strongest
  • If you are the second strongest side with the weakest

The first point is true because while you hide from the attentions of your enemies, you can amass greater strength and hope they weaken each other. Generally it is advisable to play the dark horse as if your opponents underestimate you they will be unprepared for ensuing battle.

After the death of Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky and a few others were vying for command. Staling was considered the least likely of all to be his successor and the others referred to him as the “grey blur” – unimportant and uninteresting. During this time Stalin cleverly played his competitors off against each other and rose to power. Good old Stalin.

The third point is true because if you side with the strongest you will defeat the weakest for sure – but what if the strongest then turns on you? If you side with the weakest you can take out the strongest using combined might and then you will be top dog.


Subliminal Persuasion really works!

If you’ve seen the movie, “Men Who Stare at Goats,” you’ll probably have the same opinion Ewan McGregor’s character had throughout the film: These people are crazy!

Leadership and influence can’t always be about the heavy-handed tactics. Sure, you can get people to do what you want by forcing them into bending to your will, but in the end, they will end up resenting you. That’s not the purpose for this entire website. The purpose is to get what you want and still be the person everyone loves and feels obligated to help because you’re just so damn… great!

This leads us back to Kevin Hogan’s extensive Science of Influence: Strategies and Syntax of Persuasion program. Seriously, if the desire to learn how to be “that person” whom everyone feels dedicated to, this 12 volume course teaches you everything about subliminal persuasion that you will ever need to know. It will be some of the best money you’ll ever spend!