Relationship Psychology

Can Relationship Psychology Make Better Relationships?

How to use psychology on the people you love

It is in the interests of both sexes to hear the other sex’s experience of powerlessness.
~Warren Farrell

using relationship psychologyEver been in a relationship and wish you had known some relationship psychology to fix all of your relationship problems?

Some may think it’s kind of creepy to manipulate the people you love… that love should be pure. It’s time to get one thing straight: all relationships are about manipulation. You’ll know what I’m talking about when your lover is freaking out about something and you just want to get them back to loving, happy goodness.

What about that one guy or girl that you are infatuated with and if they only got to know the real you, they would love you forever. Sad thing is that you’ll never get the chance without knowing relationship psychology.

The relationship articles in this section are all about those universal things that drive us. Find out what your lover wants and figure out how to give it to them. How can relationship psychology be a bad thing if you can not only give someone the gift of you, but also figure out how to make them happier than anyone else in the world?


Relationship psychology for everyone

In this section, we discuss things that work on both men and women, gay or straight. Stay tuned for some brilliant ways to get people to see things your way.

  • How to Manipulate Someone. Manipulation is all about helping people to get what they actually want. In this case, it’s also something you want too.
  • How to Deal with Rejection. Knowing how to handle yourself when you get shot down is really sexy! If you know the proper methods, you might impress him or her enough to get a second chance…
  • Dress to Impress. What do your clothes really say about you? Learn how to impress the one you want with the way you dress.
  • Weight Loss Motivation. Let’s face it, when you’re big, you appeal to a smaller part of the dating pool. Learn two effective methods to losing weight and keeping yourself slim and good looking.
  • Reverse Psychology. When dealing with loved ones, sometimes they just want to be cranky. Using reverse psychology in these situations will help keep the relationship happy and you get what you want.
  • Subliminal Persuasion. Find ways to influence the object of your affections into loving you (or loving you more).
  • Flirting Body Language. Once you can see the signs that someone is into you, your job as a seducer or seductress become a cake walk. Learn the valuable skill of how to read body language.



Using Psychology on Women

Get the girl! Here we learn how to motivate women into giving them the chance to get to know you all the way to what makes them tick. Not having the best relationship ever with your girlfriend? Here is where you’ll learn to fix things.

Using Psychology on Men

The myth of change Let’s face it, women enjoy the idea that you can change you man. It’s not possible. Well… not until now!