Psychology Links

Here are our Favorite Psychology Links

Check out some of the best ideas, fun things, other resources for self improvement, getting better at relationships, and general Web-goodness.

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Psychology Links

  • Personality Tests Check out their range of PhD certified Personality tests. They also have loads of other IQ, Aptitude and Self-assessment Tests that you will love.
  • The Biomatrix A great site on mental and physical improvement.
  • Derren Brown The Don of Psywar. If you really want to see a master at his craft, watch all of his videos!
  • Psychology Directory The source for psychology related information.



Relationship Links

  • Dating and Relationship Advice for Women These people really know their stuff! Get real-world advice for women that goes way beyond the normal (and ineffective) and use your new-found skills to get and hold on to a really great guy.
  • Fat Burning Furnace Have better relationships by looking better yourself! Learn easy ways to lose weight and get in shape! Ever wanted to attract a hottie? Start by making yourself look hot.



Growth and Motivational Links

  • About Personal Growth Provides information, tips, articles and advice to help people become aware that any future success starts with their personal growth.



Web Links

  • Got Something to Say? Ever considered starting your own website? The web is crowded with crap and the stuff you know can actually make you a great second income. This system goes through all aspects of creating and successful website.
  • Wired An outstanding magazine committed to pushing new ways of thinking.
  • Open Directory Project The largest human-edited directory on the net. Only legitimate sites make it on here.